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For centuries, in almost every religious and secular culture, lighting candles has been a symbol of hope and remembrance. Please light a virtual candle in memory of a lost pet.

To light your candle, just follow these three easy steps:

1.  Enter the name of the pet you are remembering:

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2.  Enter the name(s) of the candle lighters: ex. Jeanne, Nate and Tyler with love

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Listing of Candles

114 lit candles

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   For -1'  ~Lit by~ 1

   For 1  ~Lit by~ -1'

   For Achilles  ~Lit by~ The Wallace Family

   For Achilles  ~Lit by~ Nana

   For argus and helga  ~Lit by~ mom

   For Autumn  ~Lit by~ The Webb Family

   For baxter my dog  ~Lit by~ autmn

   For bazter my dog  ~Lit by~ autmn

   For Bebe  ~Lit by~ Jon, Doug, and Hannah

   For Biddy   ~Lit by~ Rheita, Kevin Love You Always

   For Biddy (Roy)  ~Lit by~ Rheita, Kevin Love You Always

   For Billy  ~Lit by~ Gwen

   For Bosley  ~Lit by~ Jeannie

   For Bruno, Our Sweet Prince  ~Lit by~ Jon and Kristen

   For Bubbie  ~Lit by~ Grandma

   For Caesar  ~Lit by~ Everyone bcuz everyone loves you

   For Ceasar B  ~Lit by~ we will miss you, love dad, mom, Ash, G. Sasha& Shadow

   For Chairperson Mao  ~Lit by~ Jenn

   For Charlie Brown  ~Lit by~ Teri, Terry, Ben and Carly

   For Charlie Brown  ~Lit by~ Teri

   For Chulo  ~Lit by~ Andi & Siomara

   For Chulo  ~Lit by~ Mom

   For chulo  ~Lit by~  I miss you so much - MOM

   For Chulo  ~Lit by~ We still think about you all the time. Andi & Mom

   For Corky  ~Lit by~ Patty & Steve with love

   For Crugar  ~Lit by~ The caring Staff at Patterson's

   For Daisy  ~Lit by~ Mom & Dad

   For Dakota  ~Lit by~ Kris

   For Danny  ~Lit by~ Ina, Jennifer, Alexis and Mom and Dad and everyone else- We'll always miss you

   For Darla  ~Lit by~ Gabby, Crystal, and Donald We will always love you and we will never forget you

   For Della  ~Lit by~ Her Papa

   For Della  ~Lit by~ Ed Candell

   For Diamond  ~Lit by~ Yarteca

   For Dimitri  ~Lit by~ Rachel

   For dmkybqxck  ~Lit by~ kiTzmaivPKcamcLkXUh

   For Dragon  ~Lit by~ Mom & Dad

   For Droopy  ~Lit by~ Judy and Savannah Grace

   For duke watkins  ~Lit by~ katherine watkins

   For duke watkins  ~Lit by~ cynthia watkins

   For duke watkins  ~Lit by~ margaret friday

   For Elsa, the Piggles  ~Lit by~ Daddy

   For Elvis  ~Lit by~ Mom

   For Emily  ~Lit by~ Teresa, Brittany, Keion & Ashli

   For Fella  ~Lit by~ Kelli

   For Fergus  ~Lit by~ Dr.G

   For Frank  ~Lit by~ Heidi

   For Frankie  ~Lit by~ Dad & Mom

   For Freckles   ~Lit by~ Jane and Mike

   For Greyskull  ~Lit by~ raymond&thomas

   For hide and seek we love u  ~Lit by~ mom sir and sissy

   For Isis  ~Lit by~ My little Momma - We miss you so much - Mommy & Daddy

   For iyfdou  ~Lit by~ kcYObKKpwKdMCL

   For Jake  ~Lit by~ Patty and Jim

   For Jalapeņo  ~Lit by~ Ricardo,Lorena,Gustavo,Alejandro,Andrea,Sergio, and Jesus, Love you❤ʊ

   For JOE  ~Lit by~ MOM

   For Joe Dillard  ~Lit by~ Terry

   For Kok Lai Yoke  ~Lit by~ S

   For lee lee  ~Lit by~ All of us xx

   For Lucy  ~Lit by~ All of her family

   For Mademoiselle Muesette La Mue  ~Lit by~ Your furless mommy ~2017

   For Mandy  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad, Kim & Dom

   For Mariah  ~Lit by~ Jan Collette always remembered

   For MAX  ~Lit by~ KAST

   For McKitty  ~Lit by~ Pauline with love!!

   For Midnite  ~Lit by~ Kelsey

   For Miette  ~Lit by~ Mom. You were the best dog ever

   For Miss Whitney  ~Lit by~ Angela

   For Mr. Joe Elwood  ~Lit by~ Wendy, Buddy & Judy

   For Ms. Ruby  ~Lit by~ Heather & Matt with Love

   For Mystic  ~Lit by~ Cheryl

   For Nellie Bellie  ~Lit by~ Mom and Dad

   For Oreo  ~Lit by~ Mando & Christina, always in our Hearts

   For Pang Wee Mian   ~Lit by~ S

   For Panther  ~Lit by~ tom&ray

   For Peaches  ~Lit by~ Ed Candell

   For Peaches  ~Lit by~ Ed Cndell

   For Pepsi  ~Lit by~ Mama with love

   For Phoebe Lou  ~Lit by~ Her Mommy.

   For Prinnie  ~Lit by~ Grandma

   For Puma  ~Lit by~ Staff of Pattersons

   For Purri Kert and Manx  ~Lit by~ Miss you, Mommy and Dad-Dad

   For Q 17  ~Lit by~ Thomas Raymond

   For Ramses  ~Lit by~ Kim, Dom, Mom & Dad

   For Reese  ~Lit by~ The Fergusons

   For Ringo  ~Lit by~ Gwen

   For Rocco  ~Lit by~ Mom

   For Romeo  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad and Tony your preprints will be forever in our hearts

   For Roonie  ~Lit by~ Mamma

   For Roxy  ~Lit by~ Barbara Lea & Salik

   For Sam the sham  ~Lit by~ Wendy, Buddy & Judy

   For Samantha  ~Lit by~ Felecia nd Kenneth

   For Sammy  ~Lit by~ Grandma

   For Scarlette  ~Lit by~ Doty

   For Schmoopie  ~Lit by~ Grandma

   For Sherman  ~Lit by~ mom

   For Shirley  ~Lit by~ Rachel -I'll miss u too..

   For Silas  ~Lit by~ Amanda Walz

   For Smash  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad, Micah and Dmon. Love forever and always

   For Smash  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad, Micah and Dmon Love forever and always.

   For Smash  ~Lit by~ Mom, Dad, Micah and Dmon love forever and always

   For Smokey  ~Lit by~ Dan, Becca, Isaac, and Harrison

   For Smoochie  ~Lit by~ SC

   For Snuggles  ~Lit by~ Landrie & Mom

   For Sparky  ~Lit by~ Your fishing buddy

   For Sparky  ~Lit by~ Joanna

   For Spike Major  ~Lit by~ Gail Major

   For spunky  ~Lit by~ ray tom &spable

   For spunky  ~Lit by~ tom raymond &sablr

   For St. Clair  ~Lit by~ Steven....your Dad misses your so much.

   For Taz  ~Lit by~ Raymond

   For Tess  ~Lit by~ Jan I miss you

   For Tori  ~Lit by~ Beyond Indigo

   For Tristan  ~Lit by~ The Pack Of Misfits

   For Wrath  ~Lit by~ Jessie

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