Quality Veterinary Care for Your Petís Golden Years

Senior Pet Care

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

Senior Pet Care

Pets age much more quickly than humans. Whatís more, different breeds have different life expectancies. For example, a miniature poodle wouldnít be considered a senior until the age of eight. But a St. Bernard is a senior at age four.

At Patterson Dog & Cat Hospital, we consider animals to be seniors when they are halfway through their life expectancy. We treat them as geriatrics when they reach three-quarters of their life expectancy. As your pet ages, you can count on our expert veterinary staff to provide the quality, customized care he or she needs.

Senior Pet Care

When your pet reaches his senior years, we will expand veterinary care to include:

  • Physical examinations two times a year
  • Recommendations on diet and exercise changes based on your petís individual needs
  • Preoperative blood work prior to any surgical procedure
  • Blood chemistry work every two years to monitor organ functions and red and white blood cell counts
  • Thyroid tests for cats

Geriatric Pet Care

When your pet becomes a geriatric, we will add the following to his medical care plan:

  • Regular heart monitoring, including chest X-rays and ECGs
  • Regular urinalysis to check for kidney disease
  • Annual blood chemistry work

Special Senior Services

Certain medical conditions are common in aging pets. Patterson Dog & Cat Hospitalís staff has the expertise to care for conditions including degenerative diseases like arthritis, mobility changes and limitations, chronic pain, and cognitive dysfunction. If your pet suffers from chronic arthritis or other severe pain, we may also recommend acupuncture services.

End of Life Support

At Patterson Dog & Cat Hospital, we firmly believe that dying is a natural process. Much can be done medically and through specialized care to ensure your pet continues to live comfortably and enjoys the best possible quality of life in his or her geriatric years. Our staff will provide you with a customized veterinary care plan based on your petís unique situation that may include palliative care, pain control, and/or nursing care.

We rarely recommend euthanizing pets as your only option, except in instances when we cannot do anything else to control your petís pain. Ultimately, we believe the decision to euthanize is intensely personal for both the owner and the pet; however, our expert, caring staff is available to work with you and explain all your options so that you can make an informed decision that is right for you and your pet.

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